Master Closet Reveal

What a joy it was to work with my client on elevating and working on her master closet organization. We were able to transform the space into something functional and beautiful. By replacing wire dry cleaning hangers with velvet hangers, and with the addition of some new bins we were able to create a lux feeling throughout the space.

Products we used

Adjustable Shoe Racks

Rose Gold and Black Velvet Hangers

Rose Gold and Black Velvet Skirt Hangers

Rose Gold Suit Hangers

Flax Newspaper Bins

Tall Sweater Bins

Rope Bins, Small

Rope Bins, Large


In light of the recent outbreak of the Corona Virus throughout the world, many people are staying home for several weeks. During this time of uncertainty and fear I have been looking for ways to keep my anxiety at bay. So, I have turned to what I know: staying physically organized to help keep my mind clear. In times of chaos, it is helpful to stay organized and structured. I wanted to share a little bit of that with all of you through an plan to help keep you busy, and organized during the outbreak. So, if you’re looking for something to keep you and your family busy during the coronavirus outbreak, try this challenge using my FREE download.

For each of the daily tasks I will be sharing a how-to on my Instagram stories (@orderly.organizing). But in general here’s how I would tackle each space:

  1. Take everything out
  2. Sort by like things
  3. Throw away/donate anything that is no longer needed
  4. Remove anything that does not belong
  5. Ensure there are no other belongings throughout your home that really belong in this space. If there are things, make sure to include them in your sort
  6. Add bins for containment and put everything away
  7. Label bins to ensure everyone in your home knows where each item goes when it’s time to clean up!

Share with me how it’s going on my Instagram, and if you’re stuck comment below or send me a message. We’re in this together!