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We are a team of skilled professional organizers who help simplify your life.


Hi, I’m McElle Zuro! I grew up watching my Mom design and execute beautiful homes. Her work as an Interior Designer always piqued my curiosity, and I intended to follow in her footsteps. As I began to think about college, however, I decided to pursue a degree in business seeing it as a catalyst for whatever would come next. Studying marketing instilled in me a love for people and genuine interest in their behavior- why they purchase something, their needs, and most importantly how I could fill those needs. Combining my marketing background, natural interest in home design, and genuine love of organizing- Orderly was born. I intend to help others learn to become organized. Free of judgment and shame, I work with each client using a tailored approach as we organize their space. My primary goal is to elevate each space I am welcomed into, creating efficiency and a system that works. And when we’re finished leaving each client with a plan to maintain our work.

When I am not organizing, I enjoy learning to cook, baking, thought provoking conversation, and above all- time spent with friends and family. I have been married to my amazing husband since 2017 and we currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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