So, here’s the deal. 2020 has been a wild ride and turned our homes into restaurants, playgrounds, schools and offices. And as long as we’re working from home why not have a pretty place to work? I have to say, of all the projects this project is my very very favorite. I try not to play favorites really- but this time- it’s justified. If the millwork, paint and wallpaper weren’t enough- we got to add the prettiest organizing bins to make this space functional and beautiful!

iDesign Linus shallow drawer organizers

Published by Orderly Professional Organizing

Hi, I'm McElle! I'm passionate about people and taking an individual approach to organizing. Free of judgement, I work with each client to get their home in a state that brings a sense of peace and order. I'll teach you my tricks to keeping your home organized long after our sessions end. After 12+ years of childcare experience I have found my niche in the organizing industry is working with families. If you're stressed about the clutter from your young children I'll help you determine the best way to manage it all. Aside from families I specialize in home staging, moving/unpacking and organizing your home for new stages of life (i.e. first child, grown children, empty nesters). I can't wait to work together!

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