We’re on week [who knows at this point?] of quarantine. Which begs the question, what does a professional organizer do when they’re stuck at home? I’ve teamed up with my friend Lexi of Organize with Lexi to provide an answer. We met on Instagram and became fast friends, because, duh, we have the same primary interest.

Anyways Lexi is incredibly talented and so fun to bounce ideas off of.

We decided that we would share our tips together over on our instagram stories. The conclusion is, that when stuck at home, we organize. And Lexi’s main takeaway is that we can share tips allllll day long, but without the right bins and containers, it’s really all for nothing. More on that…

Teaming up for a week filled with fun tips and collaborations with new friends! Yay!

So anyways… we both love the Container Store, and since we established how crucial the right products are, we thought we’d share.

So here goes… our top 10, of all time, Container Store Picks…

  1. Divided Turntable

Lazy Susan’s are a go-to organizing product for any space. One way to use this clear option is in a medicine cabinet! The clear dividers help to separate items such as cold and flu, pain relief, vitamins, and supplements.

2. ProKeeper Baking Set

We love this baking set! It comes with six clear containers to easily store your favorite baking items. This set is perfect for keeping ingredients fresh and accessible, not to mention a stylish addition to your pantry or counter top

3. iDesign Acrylic Bins

These bins essentially turn deep shelves into drawers. Although they can be used in many spaces, deep drawer bins are perfect for deep pantry shelves. Containing and labeling pantry items in these bins ensure nothing gets lost or hidden in the back of the pantry

4. Nordic White Storage Baskets

These baskets are perfect for pantries! When you have ugly packaging to hide these are our go-to! They’re also great for mudrooms and laundry rooms. I highly recommend them when you have something you want to be hidden. The lid is also great because it allows them to be stacked if you have vertical space.

5. The Everything Drawer Dividers

Drawer organizers are so versatile and the best way to keep drawers in check. Kitchens, bathrooms, offices, oh my!

6. 4-Sort Wire Dividers

These dividers are perfect for keeping cutting boards and sheet pans orderly. Also try using them on a counter to store and charge iPads, laptops and phones tangle free.

7. Multipurpose Bins

These truly are the most multi purpose organizer you could own. They are so affordable and versatile. We love using them to organize freezers! The size medium also perfectly fits cans in a pantry, and they are wonderful in office spaces for paper, files and other supplies.

8. White Bins With Handles

These are a favorite of ours. Honestly there isn’t a room where you couldn’t use them. One favorite use is in a pantry to group like things. The white helps hide the packaging and blends into the background making any pantry look fresh and clean!

9. Expand a Shelf Riser

I use these in almost every pantry I work on. They are the BEST for seeing all of your cans, extra sauces and spreads. They’re also great in a cupboard by your stove for organizing spices. Or in a medicine cabinet for keeping medications tidy and accessible.

10. The Home Edit Multipurpose Drawer

These are great for adding drawers into closets for items like sweaters. But, they can also be used in your vanity stacked vertically to create more storage. Or in a toy room for storage for craft supplies or small toys. 

Oh…… and One More Thing….

Learn More on our Instagram Feeds… McElle & Lexi

Thanks for stopping by, happy Shopping!

Published by Orderly Professional Organizing

Hi, I'm McElle! I'm passionate about people and taking an individual approach to organizing. Free of judgement, I work with each client to get their home in a state that brings a sense of peace and order. I'll teach you my tricks to keeping your home organized long after our sessions end. After 12+ years of childcare experience I have found my niche in the organizing industry is working with families. If you're stressed about the clutter from your young children I'll help you determine the best way to manage it all. Aside from families I specialize in home staging, moving/unpacking and organizing your home for new stages of life (i.e. first child, grown children, empty nesters). I can't wait to work together!

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