During this era of staying at home and social distancing we’ve all come to appreciate home. At the heart of the home is the kitchen. It is where a lot of life is lived. As a close second: the pantry. This is definitely true at my parents house, where we all congregate when we come to visit. I had so much fun organizing this space for her!

My Mom is a designer with a general contracting license and she has a really good eye.

When she was designing her home about ten years ago, she had the genius idea to include these incredibly narrow shelves (they’re only about 6″ deep) on one wall of her butler’s pantry. It is a DREAM. Most of the problems I solve when I work in other pantries is shelves that are incredibly deep making it difficult to store things without losing them in the depths of the shelves (literally).

My parents live five minutes away from Carson and me, and we had seen each other so much that we extended them into our “quarantine circle.” And so it was the perfect time for me to help my mom with some finishing touches on her pantry. Wait… let me back up a bit. A few weeks before quarantine she had asked me to help with her house and I had several clients at the time and told her she would probably have to wait at least a month or so until I had time to help her out. As luck would have it she was bumped to the top of the list as quarantine measures were implemented on our city.

I’m sharing some pictures from this fun project. I’ll share where we splurged, and where we saved with links to the bins and labels we used! It was so much fun!!


Taking a look at the details….

We used these acrylic bins from Target to help create some division for the supplements and other spices and things throughout the pantry.
We used these bin clips from The Container Store and I just wrote on them. Here’s another option from Target.
These bins are big and great for storing baking items. My mom has a lot of specialty baking products she doesn’t use very often so we opted to store them this way.
She already had these cute jars for her tea collection and I wrote on them with a chalkboard marker that will easily come off with Alcohol or a Clorox wipe.
These bins from Target are a definite focal point. They’re advertised for use in a children’s toy room…. but I think they’re right at home in a pantry!
I’m LOVING these shelf labels from The Container Store. It was the perfect way to label this space! I will say that it is definitely not the cheapest option for labeling…. definitely a splurge at $2.50 a piece. Side note: I told my mom she needs to start buying the same brand of cans from now on… is that too much?!
You can see more of those acrylic bins I talked about from Target. I think they’re great for spice packet organizing. Here’s another favorite option too!
We saved some money on this space by incorporating some Target Y-Weave baskets which are a great budget friendly option for pantry organization.
MY FAVORITE pan organizer. It keep things so neat and tidy and easy to pull out just what you need. I only trust this one from Target, because it is so sturdy! It’s also great for platters
I love this option for labeling. I have seen a lot of people label these bins with bin clips, but they sit on the bin at an angle making it kind of difficult to read.

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Hi, I'm McElle! I'm passionate about people and taking an individual approach to organizing. Free of judgement, I work with each client to get their home in a state that brings a sense of peace and order. I'll teach you my tricks to keeping your home organized long after our sessions end. After 12+ years of childcare experience I have found my niche in the organizing industry is working with families. If you're stressed about the clutter from your young children I'll help you determine the best way to manage it all. Aside from families I specialize in home staging, moving/unpacking and organizing your home for new stages of life (i.e. first child, grown children, empty nesters). I can't wait to work together!

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